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TS3 Now Up

Endcar, Nov 21, 10 9:09 AM.
TS3 or Teamspeak3 is now up and ready for any member or user to join and see wuts up or talk to people with real vocal chords lol. So stop on by and who knows you may see me on ^.- Click the link here to get the official teamspeak3 download (no risks) that I promise. Thanks to Norton its best u click the link provided since the first 2 links on search are bugged and have viruses so please take precautions when visiting some sites >.>


Sorry if it takes a little while but still was only one virus free and gave the right program to download.

Goto IP Address: Port 9987

Thank you agian
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Welcome to the new GANGS guild expansion in the Soul Order Online mmo. After much hard work and well; hardwork GANGS has grown to be at the top 4 of this fun and very much so pvp action oriented game. Here a bond of friendship has grown to something much more deep. Getting ready for raids agianst the glories will just be the half of it.

Us on the hill-top with the Pandamonium guild and 1 of Lipton and Hegemony

As you can see the game style is quite fun to mess around with especially when u face the opposing side. As GANGS members we have worked together taking any opstacle may find killing mega world bosses (see pics of those later) and doing events like this.

Oh and this has nothing to do with Soul Order Online but sure is a hell of a good youtube video i can't get enough of haha. Videos of the guild in SOO will be posted later when gathered.

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